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Very sorry for my inactivity. I have been really busy with choir stuff and concerts and my body decided that it was going to be in agony today and probably again tomorrow.

So I went through my phone to find stuff I never posted before so here we go.

1: The Kevin headcanon I cosplay
2: Carro-sempai’s Cecil and Carlos that I’m sending to them as soon as can.
3: Cosplay planning between me and artistblockhead and stuff. Kevin and intern Vanessa and Ceo of Strex stuff.
4: Old doodle of Cecil
5: Old doodle of Cecil on my hand
6: A “Magnet” picture of Cecil and Carlos I gave up on because my computer crashed during lineart.
7: And I’m not sure why I didn’t finish this one. Huh.

Well, my cramps are lightening up again now. So I’m going to try to rest while I still can. So goodnight dear followers. Goodnight.

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